Our grape varieties

The AOC Luberon area produces red, white and rosé wines. The red wines possess aromas of dark fruit, truffle, leather and undergrowth and are big wines that are racy on the palate. The rosés wines are full and expressive. The white wines release fine notes of vineyard peach, apricot, lime blossom, honeysuckle, and are floral, lively and well-balanced on the palate.


A snapshot of the Luberon appellation grape varieties.

The Syrah produces wine of great quality, rich in alcohol, strong in colour, very aromatic, fine and complex, tannic, well built and fairly low in acidity. The grape variety brings aromas of bananas, cocoa, cinnamon, blackcurrants, cherries, bitter chocolate, leather, spices (peppery notes), raspberries, blackberries, animal notes (leather and skin), olives, liquorice, undergrowth, blond tobacco, truffles and violets.

The Grenache prefers dry, stony soils.   The wine from this grape variety is full-bodied and heady, with a lovely golden browny red hue.   It produces aromas of bananas, burnt notes, cocoa, coffee, blackcurrants, spices, ripe fig, hay, raspberries, very ripe stone fruit (morello cherries, prunes), baked fruit, dried fruit, smoke, tar, pepper, rancio, black liquorice, burnt sugar and old wood.

The Mourvèdre produces wines that are highly coloured, rich in tannin, hardy and very firm.  The grape variety retains empyreumatic perfumes and aromas of acacia blossom, cinnamon, fresh mushrooms, leather, musky animal, spicy and peppery notes, prunes, liquorice, resin, undergrowth, truffles and vanilla.

The Carignan yields wine that is well coloured, well built, powerful, full and slightly astringent.  It will bring banana aromas and herbaceous, mineral notes, to the wine.


The Cinsault brings pronounced aromas of almonds, lime blossom, raspberries and hazelnuts.

The Clairette blanche produces fresh wines that are generally lower in acidity. The grape variety offers up apple, fennel and lime blossom aromas.


The Vermentino gives pleasant, quality wine with a lovely pale hue. It is generally well balanced and fat.  It captures aromas of wild dill, hawthorn, chamomile, fennel, hazelnuts, very ripe apricots, floral and vineyard peach notes, grapefruit, pears and apples

The Bourboulenc brings out floral and citrus aromas.

The Roussanne is a noble grape variety producing fine, straw-coloured, powerful wines with good acidity.  The grape variety is distinctive for its aromas of apricot, hawthorn, green coffee beans, honeysuckle, honey, discreet narcissus and iris root.

The Marsanne is fragrant with aromas of dried apricot, acacia, beeswax, honeysuckle, quince, spices, dried nuts (almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts), jasmine, fresh lychees, acacia honey, citrus notes, white peach, baked apple and liquorice.


The Ugni Blanc yields a pale yellow wine, which is fairly fine and nervy, and occasionally acidic.  It is distinctive for its banana aromas

The Viognier produces wines of great quality, fat, supple, with great finesse and highly perfumed.  It brings aromas of apricot, oak, honeysuckle, wax, lime, quince, spices, almond blossom, hawthorn blossom, dried fruit, toast, iris, mango, acacia honey, mineral notes, gingerbread, peaches, tobacco, lime blossom and violets.

raisin AOC Luberon

AOC Luberon wine must be made from a blend of several grape varieties.  


The best Rhône Valley grape varieties are used for the aromatic qualities each bring and the wines produced are unique.  

For the reds and rosés:

Syrah, Grenache noir, Mourvèdre, Carignan and Cinsault and white grape varieties (10% maximum for the reds and 20% maximum for the rosés).  

For the whites:

Grenache blanc, Clairette blanche, Vermentino, Bourboulenc, Roussanne, Marsanne, Ugni blanc and Viognier.